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Knockerball is the nation’s #1 provider of amazing, engaging Bubble Soccer events. Take your next company event, birthday party, school event or community gathering to the next level with us, your local Knockerball provider.

Whether it's hosting a private party, corporate training, area tournament or open play day, Knockerball brings people together in a way only balls, sweat, and fun can.

To play outside you'll need a flat, grassy area about the size of half of a standard basketball court (50' x 50'.) A local park, common area in a neighborhood, or possibly your own back yard could work. We can also do indoor events on gym floors or turf.

We bring the fun to you, provide event coordination, and have games (and Knockerball sizes) for all ages. It's hilarious fun!

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It's the most fun you will ever have!

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